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Health Partner

Live your Dance and Dance your Life

As professional dancers we believe that our health and above all care of our body is important, which is why we chose USANA products for our Daily .

The products of this brand are among the most effective currently on the market.

If you have any questions, need more informations or if you are in the Montreal area and that you want a presentation about these products, do not hesitate to contact us here

Dancer Package

● Procosa 


Composition : Glucosamine Chondroitin as well as turmeric


Benefits: Nourishes the joints and is paired with a natural anti-inflammatory.


Athlete: Prevents joint wear and promotes repair of a wound that is very effective against pain.

● Proflavanol C


Composition: Vitamin C and grape seed extract


Benefits : A very powerful anti-inflammatory and also removes free radicals.


Athlete : Prevents stiffness and reduces bruising.

Daily Health

● CellSentials


An extra multi-vitamins that are complementary to your plate.


Composition :

- 55 essential nutrients for the human body at an optimal level.

- 18 antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and work synergistically to detoxify, repair, nourish and protect the cell from damages caused by free radicals

Benefits : Complementary to your plate, building materials to Clean, Repair and Optimize your health.

Athlete : More energy for training and recovery. Increases vital energy.

For those who really want to take their health in hand you can add:

● Biomega


Composition : Deepwater fish oil, rich in long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3)


Benefits : Nourishes the body's soft tissues, joints, helps concentration and focus.

● Calcium


Composition : Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins D3, Silicon

Benefits : Maximum absorption facilitated by its composition, relaxation of the nervous system and increases bone density. Alkalizes an overly acidic system.

Athlete : Reduces significantly muscle cramps, promotes bone repair.

Dance event Package

To hold 3 days of dance with Workshops, Competitions, Social nothing better than:

● Rev 3


Composition : Green, white and black teas as well as ginseng and rhodiola root extract (available in can and bag to mix with water)


Benefits : Contains tea, Korean ginseng and rhodiola root extract to support the body's response to stress and fatigue, thus increasing the energy of the body to meet the daily energy needs.


Athlete : Rev3 is a more natural alternative to energy drinks. Rev3 is distinguished by its low glycemic index formula. The total glycemic load of Rev3 is three to four times lower than the one of traditional energy drinks, which usually cause a sudden rise in sugar levels, giving the feeling of renewed energy. However, a sudden collapse shortly afterwards leaves you feeling exhausted. On the other hand, Rev3's patented formula, ensures a lasting energy sensation.

Skin Care

● The Sensé range of USANA

Composition : Natural plant extract without chemicals


Benefits : The products are formulated to revitalize the cells on the 3 layers of the skin unlike most beauty products.


Athlete : We often use a lot of makeup, spray ... so it is important to take good care of our skin.

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