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Play with your Basics

Live your Dance and Dance your Life

You want the complete breakdown of our "Play With Your Basics" West Coast Swing patterns???

What is Play With Your Basics (PWYB) ?

PWYB is a simple system that helps you create fun and creative moves out of your favorite basic patterns.

We offer you free moves every 2 weeks for leaders and followers

Why do we do these videos ?

  • To inspire you, and give you ideas to become more creative with your basics patterns

  • To show you that at any level you can do fun and creative moves by staying within your basic patterns.

What you get when you sign up to our website ?

  • Free breakdown for all the moves that we put out, helping you understand some subtle things that you might have missed by just watching the YouTube video.

  • Access to 50+ breakdowns already online

You want more ?

We created an online DVD "PWYB Revealed" with all the steps we use to create all the fun PWYB patterns, so that YOU too can CREATE your OWN basic pattern VARIATIONS

Watch ALL the videos of our "Play with Your Basics" series just below