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Live your Dance and Dance your Life

Private Lessons

Everyone can find their story in west coast swing. It connects with our human experience. We express who we are and connect with others.

Our job is to help you grow in dance and life. We do this by teaching you the logic of technique and the freedom of self expression. In every aspect of dance, we push you from the impossible into the possible.

Private Lesson / Cours privé
55 min

Coaching is one of the things that drives us the most in our lives, it gives us time to see you grow, change, and being there on your side to help you go through the good and the bad times throughout your dance journey. This is why in order to offer you our full potential we also do offer 2 packages of private lessons at a discounted price.

Here are the 2 packages that we are offering :

  • 5h session pack

    Valid for 6 months
    • 5h of private lessons with Philippe or Flore
  • 10h session pack

    Valid for one year
    • 10h of private lessons with Philippe or Flore

Video Coaching

Don't have the possibility to see us in person soon, no worries we got you covered. Get a video review from us so that you can improve your dance even when not close to us.




You want to explore the pleasure of doing a routine wether as a ProAm if you do not already have a partner or as a Rising Star if you already have someone who want's to join you on this trip.

We offer Choreography and coaching. All our packages are just here :

  • Choreography

    Choreography custom made for you
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1h30 in person session with Philippe and Flore
    • or
    • Detailed video with counts and music
  • Choreo + 5h coaching

    Valid for one year
    • Choreography plan
    • +
    • 5h coaching session with Philippe or Flore
  • Choreo +10h coaching

    Valid for one year
    • Choreography plan
    • +
    • 10h coaching session with Philippe or Flore

Want to check out what we have already choreographed see some of the videos just below :