Live your Dance and Dance your Life

Everyone can find their story in west coast swing. It connects

with our human experience. We express who we are and

connect with others.


Our job is to help you grow in dance and life. We do this by

teaching you the logic of technique and the freedom of self

expression. In every aspect of dance, we push you from the

impossible into the possible.

If Philippe and Flore are in your area do not hesitate to book them for a private

Don't have the possibility to see us in person no worries we got you covered. Get a video review from us so that you can improve your dance even when not close to us.



We’re the new event directors for the annual Montreal Westie Fest! This local event brings in pros and dancers from all over North America.

Find out more about our event at

‘‘ Live your Dance and Dance your life ’’

                                                                             Philippe & Flore

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