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West Coast Swing

  • 4th place in Showcase US Open 2017

  • Canadian Champion in Showcase and Striclty 2016 and 2017

  • Top 4 MADjam 2017

  • Top 5 at THE Us Open 2016 in Showcase division

  • 3rd place in Showcase at MADjam 2016 and 4th place at Summer Hummer 2016

  • 1st place in Showcase at CSC ( Canadian Swing championships )

  • 4ème at Sumer Hummer 2015 in Showcase division

  • 2nd at Liberty Swing and Meet me 2015 in Showcase division

  • 3rd at the Canadian Swing Championships 2015 in Showcase crossover division (Lindy-hop, WCS)

  • 4th at Madjam 2015 and Chicago Classic 2015 in Showcase division

  • 12th at the US Open 2014 in Showcase division

  • Many podiums ( Placed between 1st and 3rd) in Jack'n'jill Novice/ Intermediate / Advanced

  • 4th at the Canadian Swing Championships 2014 Showcase crossover division  (LIndy-Hop, West Coast Swing)

  • 2nd at the Canadian Swing Championships in Stricly West Coast Swing

  • 1st place in Rising Star at Swingin'New England (Boston), Freedom Swing Challenge (Philadelphie)  and Philly Swing Classic (Philadelphie)

  • 15th at the US Open 2013 in Showcase division

  • 3rd at the FOWCS 2013 (French Open West Coast Swing) in Showcase division

  • 4th at the FOWCS 2011 in Showcase division




They competed in many international competitions through Europe (Berlin, Copenhague, Tilburg, Cluj-Napoca, Madrid, Anvers, Paris, Marseille, ...) and North America (Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto...)


  • Representing  several time Canada for the Professional World 10 dance championship

  • Professional Canadian Vice Champion in 10 dances 2014 and 2015

  • Finalist in Latin and Standard of the Profesionnal Canadian Championship 2014 and 2015

  • 1st French Couple WDC 2014 Ten Dance Combination

  • 2nd French Couple WDC 2014 Ballroom

  • 3rd French Couple WDC 2014 Latin

  • Finalist in many international competitions in WDSF and WDC

  • Finalist at the French Ballroom Championships 2012 and 2013

  • 1/4 finalis at the French Latin Championships 2012 and 2013

  • 2nd at the regional French Ballroom Championships (Ile de France) 2013

  • Finalist at the regional French Latin Championships (Ile de France) 2013

  • 7th at the French Ten Dance Championships 2012

  • Semi finalist at the French Ten Dance Championships 2011

  • Regional Ballroom Champions (Ile de France) 2010

  • Winner of many national competitions since 2010







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