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What is the "Westy Solo Team"?


It's a choreographic project over several months as a team, with the possibility of performing all over the world with lots of different people and thus creating a small family of dancers and a community of mutual aid.

Why join the "Westy Solo Team"?

  • To give you a challenge by learning a solo choreography

  • To work on your styling

  • To improve your dance

  • To meet people from all over the world

  • To be part of a family


What does the project contain?


  • Explanatory videos to learn choreography

  • Drills every week to allow you to improve your dance and optimize the choreography

  • Warm-up videos with Flore where you follow her to music to wake up your body and be ready to dance

  • Videos explaining how to use the movements of the choreography in your social dancing

  • Live Q&A's  every month to ask your questions and receive help and advice from Flore

  • A private group with all the members of the team to share your successes and your difficulties, and support each other to grow together, because we are a big FAMILY

  • A working method to help you organize your training so that you can bring out the best

  • A free T-shirt "Westy SOLO team" that you will choose and order in our website.


How it works?


  • Just click on this button and continue with your registration!

  • Then you will have access to all the videos by logging into your member area

  • New videos will be available every week to keep you working

  • You will be added to the private Facebook group

  • You will choose your T-shirt

  • And let's go for a couple of months of joy, dance and practice !!!


Renée , Bourdon

Westy Ladies member


Dancing WCS solo allowed me to learn to express myself through movement, to accept my vulnerability and to appreciate the public's presence in order to share an emotion. It is also an opportunity to create relationships with like-minded who share the same passion. Westy Ladies allowed me to perform in front of a public and to be proud of myself. It was the best teamwork experience of my life, where every woman brings her charm and unique energy while encouraging her partners. Westy Ladies gave me the courage to dance a choreography even though I thought it was impossible for me (because of my bad memory). And finally, it makes me feel beautiful!

Josée , Ferland-Cantin

Westy Ladies member


Being part of the Westy Ladies allowed me to be part of a great team! I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people who are ready to offer their support and help. Being part of a solo troupe allowed me to work on my self-confidence to allow me to put my embarrassment aside and improve my styling while becoming aware of my body and my movements in dance. It’s very rewarding to know that we can improve our dance while counting on people who share the same love of dance to help us in our journey.

Kim , P. Brouillette

Westy Ladies member

westy ladies csc 2018.jpg

I have been solo dancing with Flore since the beginning as a Westy Ladies. I wanted to improve my dance but also a activity that I would be independent to practice by my self without waiting for a partner. I always have been a more curvy ladies and was always conscientious about it. But Flore never made me feel less of a dancer or less deserving because of my shape. I found deep acceptance for who I am and a real openness to every one. There is no fake nice with Flore, only her, a real authentic person that is nice with every one because she is build that way. Flore solo choreography are adapted to every dance and she always find a way to include less advance or challenged dancers. If you join you will be welcome for who you are and supported what aver are your struggles. Solo dance give me the confidence to go out of my comfort zone in my social dance and the straight to do it with success. Every choreography I do in solo give me two or thee styling that I strongly master and will incorporate in my dance without even having to think about it. They are so strongly learned and mastered that they just pop out of me when I dance without thinking technical. Solo dancing is a great bonus to my life because I don’t have to wait for a partner to dance and learn and to my dance because I does make a difference in the quality of my dance and styling.

Caroline , Mercier

Westy Ladies member


For me who doesn't like to be the center of attention, dancing solo is quite a challenge. But it is also a form of empowerment; a process through which I improve my ability to assert myself, both in my dance and in my life.


Flore Berne knows how to find the right balance between technical rigor and respect for everyone's limits. She is also a rallying woman who creates a great bond between the members of her team. Her coaching style leads me to surpass myself ... in pleasure and without pressure! 


Which level is the choreography?

​It's an all level, with some difficulty and challenge but you will always find a way to simplify first to then evolve, or if due to injury or incapability you can always text Flore or ask during the monthly Q&A what would be the best version for you!


How can I have access to the videos?

By simply going to your member space (top left menu in purple) and then on your online classes.

Do we need to do a performance in front of an audience?

There is no obligation to perform, if you want to show to the world or your community or your friends what you are working on, it's awesome. But you don't have to! It's more a challenge for yourself to perform and to do the choreo with other members. You can do it during dance event, during local events, just videotape yourself... Everything is possible! The goal is to help you improve in your dance and your confidence!

What is the language?

The project is 100% in English and 100% in French. Flore videotaped everything twice, to be sure everybody will understand and will be confident, because the goal is to help YOU and to have fun TOGETHER.

When do I need to be connected to have access to the class?

​You can go when ever you want. It's really adaptable. Everything is recorded. Every Tuesday new videos will come out but you can watch it when you want, when you have time.

How long does it take?

It's a 6 months project with 16 weeks of classes. Everything is divided in little videos. Drills, Choreo, Warm-up... So you can choose to do everything the same day or you can choose to do one drill on Monday, and then learn the choreo on Wednesday... It's very adaptable! You are free to use it and learn the way that works best for you and the way it fits your schedule the most.

I am going in vacation for 2 weeks is it a problem?

No, not at all. Everything is divided in little videos. Drills, Choreography, Warm-up... And everything will stay accessible. So you can enjoy your vacation and not dancing, and then when you come back you will dance again and catch up. Or you can just do the drills during your vacation and learn the choreography later! Like you prefer, this project is for YOU!

Is it one choreography? or a lot of small choreographies

​It's one choreography for the whole project. Two songs mixed together, a slow one and a faster one.

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